The Windwalkers are three ordinary guys, Chris, Nick, and Donny, that have no magic powers. They use their wits to ourfox bullies,  solve mysteries, and escape deadly encounters with armed bad guys.





ww1cover-1ww2cover-1Chris is a smart kid and can figure things out but has no  magic powers; Nick is the tough guy and takes no nonsense;   Donny is the clown of the trio that makes them laugh. Dear reader, you  are probably like one of these guys.

 ww3cover2-1They call themselves the Windwalkers because they’ve taken a pledge that if one of them sets a goal for himself, he will beat down every obstacle standing in the way of achieving it. Being a Windwalker means going out and slaying the dragon.


 Four books in the Windwalker Series. Click on a title in the menu  bar at the top of this page to read a synopsis and buy the book.