ww3cover2-1Nick’s favorite cousin Wiggy is killed by an IED in Iraq. Nick is shaken by his death, and is surprised when Wiggy appears at his bedside at night, and tells him that there are bad spirits and ghosts around that could harm him. He will inhabit Nick’s loyal dog Winston so he can stay close and protect him. Chris doesn’t believe any of this and thinks Nick is dreaming. This drives a wedge in their friendship. Donny hates having to watch his two best friends argue and fight each other. Ghosts and spirits abound in this story along with Chris falling in love with the granddaughter of a woman Nick is convinced is a bad spirit. So who is right? Is it Nick who is convinced he sees Wiggy and bad spirits and ghosts, or Chris who thinks Nick is dreaming the whole thing. The answer, provided by Donny and Nick’s dog Winston, may surprise you.

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  .         The moonlight lit up the front porch with the balcony above. Nick stared. That railing on the balcony. For sure it’s glowing! They could dimly see the door leading out onto the balcony from the room inside, flanked by those windows. Nick opened the gate, pushed gingerly so it wouldn’t squeak.
.         Look!” whispered Donny, pointing to the left window over the balcony. Nick saw it too. In the room behind the window, something flashed. The flash became a bright point of light which made loop-the-loop circles as it traveled about in the room. It disappeared from the left window and reappeared in the right. Sometimes it would disappear altogether. Then the point of light would return. Nick could make out shadowy shapes inside the room. He thought he heard low sounds like someone muttering, the words just beyond the edge of recognition.
.         Nick still had his hand on the half-opened gate. Donny was pressing up against his back. Except for the muttering, Nick could hear no sound. Even the trees had stopped rustling. The moonlight seemed to get brighter. The sharp edges of the house appeared to glow—the corners of the house, the window sills, the window frames, and that railing along the front of the balcony burned with a yellow-bluish light. The sharp corners gave off electric sparks. The light inside the room continued to move and flash.
.         “What is it?” whispered Donny.
.         “Something’s happening to this house. There’s something in the room up there. Like it’s looking for something. Donny, its got to be a ghost.”
.         “A ghost?” Donny blurted out.
.         Shhhhh! Shut up! Donny. The ghost can hear you! Next thing, it’ll be coming after us.”
.         “How do you know it’s a ghost?”
.         They heard a creaking noise coming from the balcony. The door to the balcony, which blazed in the moonlight, started to open. Nick froze, motionless, terrified.
.         When the door was fully open, a shape moved slowly through the door and onto the balcony. It was tall and white. At first, it moved about slowly. Then it came to the glowing railing and started to flutter and rose as if to fly directly at him.
.         “Run, Donny!” yelled Nick as he turned and, preparing to escape, stumbled into Donny, knocking him down. Nick nearly went down also, but recovered and headed toward the road as he felt something cold on his neck. In panic, he yelled, “Run, Donny! It’s got me.”