COVERDISPLAYS.1What is Chris to make of a complete stranger calling him ‘Alex’ and addressing him like an old friend? When Chris finally meets Alex, it is like looking in a mirror—he could be Alex’s twin. But Alex is not a nice guy. The Windwalkers discover he has a dark past—violence, robbery, drug trafficking, and murder. To complicate matters, Alex has true identical twin, Max, who is a nice guy and a star basketball player on his high school’s basketball team. So Alex, Max and Chris are triplets. The Hall of Mirrors, a concession at the amusement park, becomes the focus of where Chris and Max confronts Alex, with identical images of the three swirling on all sides. Alex is intent on killing Chris and Max, and Chris must find a way to avoid injury and save Max and his friends from the catastrophe Alex has planned for them.

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Read an Excerpt:

.         Chris had only been inside the Hall of Mirrors once with his Dad when he was maybe 5. It was one of those experiences that stays with you forever—like a terrifying bad dream that you wake from screaming. He’d been in a huge room with his Dad—no lights—everything inky dark. He heard wind, first far off, then moaning then howling. He grabbed for his father’s hand. A clown’s face suddenly broke through the darkness,with a sneering laugh. His face, white, with vacant places for eyes, and huge red lips.
.         And the hat—a black hat with a red stripe, cocked in the middle, like some one had grabbed and bent it. Like one he’d seen in the movie of Dickens’s Oliver Twist. The
clown was looking through those vacant eyes directly at him. The lights began flashing, the clown’s laugh the only sound. Then the clown was everywhere, a hundred clown
faces twisting on all sides and even above. The clown disappeared and Chris saw himself. A thousand images of himself everywhere. The wind howled and the clown laughed, and he remembered yelling, “Daddy! Daddy!” and then putting his hands over his eyes and crying. That’s where the memory ended. Like waking from a bad dream.   Chris had no recollection of what happened after that. But that clown’s face he would never forget. And now as he stared at the man waving his cane, he tried to shake that edgy feeling. He knew it was all just a show. Someone acting like a clown, someone pushing buttons to make the wind howl and the lights flash. Yet that feeling wouldn’t go away.
.         Chris pushed on down the midway, hands in his pockets. It was dark now, theonly lights coming from the midway attractions, casting long shadows. He still felt uneasy. Someone had been standing near him while he had been staring at the Hall of Mirrors. His instincts told him that same person was behind him now. He stopped and
the footsteps stopped. He started again, and the footsteps resumed. Chris suddenly turned full around. Twenty feet behind him was a guy staring at him. The light from an
adjacent concession lit him. He wore large loopy shades like Elton John, was bare chested with paisley shorts. Plenty of light for Chris could see his hair—corn yellow.
Just like his. Parted the same way. And the face—like looking into a mirror. The guy quickly turned and melted into the shadows. Chris shivered.