ww4cover-1Chris discovers his one athletic talent—running. He can beat anybody, and he loves to run. He enters the annual cross-country race which this year that has a new Ford Ranger going to the winner. With the stakes so high, Lester and Leroy Larkins, identical twins, are determined to win the Ranger. Their plan: Lester will start the race and after a switch, Leroy, a sprinter, will finish. It falls on Nick to be the Windwalker—to discover a way to tell the twins apart, and show that twins cheated, and Chris is the real winner.

This book still being edited. Not avaliable for purchase.

Read an excerpt:

.         Chris entered the cork elm arbor. He cranked it up. The crowd yelled, “Go Creighton! Go Creighton! ”The sound of footsteps, if there were any, washed out by the
noise. He didn’t know where Lester was, but he knew he must be close. There ahead was the thread of red tape stretched across the finish line. A hundred feet to go. His calves started to ache. Hard to ignore.
.         Lester drew even with him. Chris poured every bit of energy into that last stretch. The red tape loomed before him. He threw himself at it. The crowd roared. He couldn’t
make out what they said. Then across the finish line, but where was the red tape? He saw Morrison calling the time, but he could not hear him above the crowd.
.        A sinking feeling. Lester had it, the red tape, trailing it across his chest. Lester was raising his arms in victory.   Morrison ran up to Lester and put his arm around his shoulder. Then Nick came out of the crowd.
.         “Who won?”asked Chris knowing full well the answer. He couldn’t hear Nick.
.         Chris felt dizzy. He made his way to the last of the cork elms and leaned against it. “I don’t believe it,” Chris said, “Lester had to be superman to win that race. They
switched, damn it! They switched!”