A ww2cover-1bully, Bosco Blodget, sabotages a dam the Windwalkers, Chris, Nick, Donny and their friends have built to make a swimming lake. When a rifle shot knocks an energy drink can out of Donny’s hand, the Windwalkers suspect it’s a threat by Bosco to abandon the dam.  An unlikely new friend, Billy Brogan, offers to camp by the dam to guard it. When Bosco returns late at night in his dune buggy, knife in hand, preparing to sabotage the dam again, Billy sneaks into his dune buggy and drives off, ditching it miles away, leaving Bosco naked by the lake, yelling after him. After that night, Bosco is not seen again and is later found buried in the sand by the lake with a rifle bullet through his head.  The Sheriff suspects Chris because his red bandana was found in the abandoned dune buggy.  The challenge for Chris, Nick, and Donny is to unravel this mystery and find the real assassin  before the Sheriff arrests Chris for the murder of Bosco Blodget.

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           The funny stuff started that day when Chris Creighton, Nick Harper, and Donny Di Marco were the last to leave the beach beside the lake. Donny had three cans of the energy drink, Joltine. “Get a buzz from this,” he said. “Really wakes me up. Here.” He passed them out and they popped the tops.
.         Chris liked the taste. Donny was sure right. He felt like running the hundred yard dash after the drink had seeped into his bones. Perfect for a bike race back to Winter
Gardens. They were slurping the stuff when:
.         Wham!
.         Donny’s can exploded. The dark fizzy stuff came out in a shower, splattering across Donny’s face and soaking his shirt. Some hit Chris. The can shot into the air. It landed twenty feet away.
.         “Wha . . . .” exclaimed Donny, stumbling backwards, tripping, falling on his butt in the sand.
.         Chris jumped back. “For cripes sakes!”
.         Donny jumped up, wiped his face with his hand. He stared at nothing, his mouth half open. Nick ran to where the can lay in the sand. The live can was dead now. Nick
kicked it. It rolled forward, then stopped. He picked it up.
.         “Holy crap. Look at this!”
.         Raggedy holes on either side of the can—sharp daggers of aluminum all pointing in the same direction.
.         “You know what?” said Nick. “These are. . . bullet holes!”
.        When the impact of this discovery registered, they all looked into the forest of trees that backed up the beach.
.         Nick yelled, “Hey! Who’s there? Who’s out there?”
.         Silence. Just the rustling of leaves.
.         “Let’s shag out of here,” said Chris.