ww1cover-1      The Windwalkers is a story of adventure and courage. When 14 year old Chris Creighton discovers illegal betting on a race won by a friend he admires, a horrific bully, Spider, burns his arm and promises more if Chris tells what he knows.
.         Chris and his friends, Nick and Donny, build miles of trails in the reeds that grow far out into the lake. In their reed kingdom, they feel lifted up above the reeds, Windwalkers, unafraid of any bully.
.         Yet when Spider threatens to set fire to a pyre of dead reeds surrounding Donny, Chris is faced with a challenge. Can he get up the courage to save his friend and find a way to bring Spider to justice?

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              Spider, in slow motion, retrieved a cigarette out of a pack of Marlboros wound into the sleeve of his tee-shirt. He pulled a box of matches from his pocket, took three out, held them together and struck them as one on the side of the box. They gave out a towering flame. Spider lit his cigarette, then turned slowly toward Chris.Chris’s eyes locked into Spider’s eyes—eyes dancing, sparkling, the eyes of a snake. Chris could not look away. In a move as lightening fast as the snake striking its prey, Spider brought down the three flaming matches and buried them in Chris’ arm. The pain knifing through him, Chris yelled as the scene melted down. His yell turned into a scream. Spider grinned, salivated, seeming to feed on the terror in Chris’s face.